OPERATION H.E.R.O (Our brand new game)

Skills Required: Handle immense responsibility, have a deep sense of urgency and adapt to a range of super powers.

Agents Required: 2 - 6 Agents

Difficulty Rating: 5 out of 5

Your Mission

The Force Four superheroes have been captured by the mastermind Möbius! As a result disastrous things have been happening around the city of York and it is imperative that we get the superheroes back before it’s too late. Möbius is holding the four superheroes; Hermes, Oculo, Torus and Badger, in an unknown location and is in the process of stripping them of their superpowers. There is limited time before they are gone forever, returning them to mere mortals. The superhero recruitment organisation, H.E.R.O are looking for the next super squad to help locate the superheroes and return them to York before it’s too late. Gather your own squad and see if you’ve got what it takes to save Force Four.

Please note that this room contains flashing lights.

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Skills Required: This mission requires a keen mind, a sharp eye and a spy's instinct

Agents Required: 2 - 5 Spies

(We have 2 identical rooms available to allow groups of up to 10 to race against each other)

Difficulty Rating: 4 out of 5

Your Mission

An embarrassing incident earlier this year left world renowned scientist, Doctor Aquila Mind, red faced. Not taking the incident lightly, he has since been working on a machine that will erase the incident and all other memories from people’s minds. His Assistant has seen the light and wants to put a stop to the Doctor's evil plans. He can't do this alone and so is recruiting spies of the highest calibre to put a halt to things, do you have what it takes to stop him, navigate his room and retrieve the trigger before the clock hits zero?

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Agent LeMan

York Venue Manager

Escape room Edinburgh - Agent LeMan



This mission has all the key elements of a great escape room, making it ideal for the beginner but still a pleasing challenge for the expert."