Meet the York crew

  • James Stewart:
    Known for: Sitcom connoisseur, former physicist and laughter seeker.

Agent Leman:
Venue Manager

  • Steve Burton:
    Known for: Glaring, lurking, travelling. Suited to apocalyptic conditions. Squirrel whisperer & Taoist god of biscuits.

Agent Bletchley:
Games Master

  • Becky Williams:
    Known for: Drama lover, wannabe author, Sherlock and cheese enthusiast

Agent Holmes:
Games Master

  • Jamie Mckeller:
    Known for: His love of fine jams, making low budget horror comedy films and daredevil camera operation that will likely end in his premature demise

Agent Jams:
Games Master

  • Lou Sophocleous:
    Known for: Organising fun, whale enthusing and crocheting everything

Agent Nightingale:
Games Master

  • Ashleigh Mills:
    Known for: Befriending stray cats, abusing metaphors and being a bee enthusiast

Agent Bee:
Games Master

  • Scott Hurley:
    Known for: Leaning against alleyway walls, possibly possessing psychic powers and having a painful and dark backstory.

Agent Maloney Maloney:
Games Master

  • Joe Willis:
    Known for: Puns, wearing christmas jumpers even in June, and knowing all of Cyndi Lauper’s back catalogue

Agent Smiley:
Games Master

  • Al Graeves:
    Known for: Wearing practical headgear, running York’s best alternative comedy night (The Burning Duck Comedy Club) and owning 2 sheds.

Agent Catflap:
Games Master