Meet the Edinburgh crew

  • Charlie Heerlyn:
    Known for: Ex-biologist with a secret passion for rapping and an inability to tan

Agent Kaspar:
Venue Manager

  • Graeme Wallace:
    Known for: World Weaving, storytelling and rambling rants.

Agent Strange:
Games Master

  • Jake Bourke:
    Known for: Beard grower, ice hockey fan and definitely not part of the Great Reptilian Conspiracy.

Agent Blue:
Games Master

  • Graeme Anthony:
    Known for: Looming board gamer with concealed saxophone compartment

Agent Hyde:
Games Master

  • Alastair Watson:
    Known for: Sunderland fan, keen cook, highly competitive & terrible snowboarder.

Agent One:

  • Kelly Doherty:
    Known for: Perpetually working on a bad novel & self proclaimed sitcom connoisseur

Agent Ironsworthy:
Games Master

  • Lara Brown:
    Known for: .

Agent Craft:
Admin Guru

  • Lauren Pl├╝ss:
    Known for: Netball injuries, coffee addiction and all round crazy cat lady

Agent Thistle:
Marketing General